12:15am EDT

Accelerating the Clinical Development Process for Small to Mid-size Sponsors

Good data management and reporting are keys to a successful clinical development program. The challenge is that many small to mid-size sponsor companies, which are becoming increasingly important as drivers of innovation in drug development, may not have all of the internal experience or infrastructure in clinical development necessary to manage their product out of the lab and through clinical development quickly and cost-effectively.

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Amir Malka, President & Co-Founder, Bioforum the Data Masters

Kanchan Relwani, VP and Head of Medical Affairs, Alkermes, 2020
Prof. Dr. Arndt Rolfs, Founder and CEO, Centogene, 2020
Gary Lee, Chief Scientific Officer, Senti Biosciences, 2020
Tory Wilson, President, Kura Oncology, 2020
Jonathan Fox, President and Chief Medical Officer, Eidos Therapeutics, 2019    

3:00am EDT

Leading Global Teams

Leading a global team requires special skills and capabilities, which is more important than ever as life-sciences companies navigate a new world.



Deepa Desai, VP, Global Head - QMS, IQVIA, 2020
Adlai Goldberg, Global Digital, Social and Commercial Innovation Life Sciences Leader, EY, 2020

Susan Shaeffert, President, Novartis Oncology, 2019
Rebecca Vermeulen, VP Strategy Lead Patients and Society, Roche, 2020
Dr. Deb Dunsire, 2019   

7:30am EDT

Brand Stewards — Creating an Omnichannel Experience

Need description



Ryan Billings, Head, US Oncology Digital Marketing & Customer Experience, GSK, 2020

Megan Montgomery, US Marketing, Pfizer, 2018

Kendra Fanara, Executive Director, Marketing Operations, Sunovion, 2019

8:15am EDT

Remote Clinical Trials: Advantages and Challenges

Remote clinical trials are moving beyond the pilot stages.



Bill Byrom, Ph.D., VP, Product Strategy and Innovation, Signant Health, 2017, 2008

Craig Lipset, Former, Head of Clinical Innovation, Pfizer, 2019 Red Jacket, 2016, 2010

Joe Dustin, Head of Clinical Innovation, Bristol Myers Squibb

9:00am EDT

Collaboration Across the Industry

One of the silver linings of the global pandemic has been an increase in collaboration across all stakeholders. But what comes next? Can the momentum be maintained as operation begin to normalize? Our panel of experts will discuss why multistakeholder collaboration not only raises the bar but can lead to greater productivity, increased efficiency, and better outcomes.



Steve Matas, Senior VP, Strategic Resourcing, Advanced Clinical, 2020

Peter Anastasiou, Executive VP and Head of North America, Lundbeck, 2020

Craig Serra, Global Head, Innovation Data Operations, Novartis, 2020

Christopher Shaber, Ph.D., Chairman, President, and CEO, Soligenix, 2019
Anne Whittaker, CEO, Aerami Therapeutics, 2020

Teresa Bietti, President, Global Oncology Business Unit, Takeda, 2020

10:30am EDT

Driving Commercial Relevance

The importance of behavior-based decision making in early stage development. Our focus would be on a) key considerations/questions to identify real opportunity (ie opportunity with market traction) b) key activities/analyses needed c) models for success



Mary Frances Harmon, Senior VP, Corporate and Patient Relations, PTC Therapeutics, 2020
Kinnari Patel, Pharm.D., Chief Operating Officer & Head of Development, Executive VP, Rocket Therapeutics, 2018
Shannon Dahl, Ph.D., Chief Scientific Officer, Cell Therapeutics, 2018


11:15am EDT

Unprecedented Public Support for Pharma:

An Opportunity to Lead Like Never Before

The pharmaceutical industry’s reputation is changing for the better, driven by the industry’s innovative and heartfelt response to the pandemic. Companies have an opportunity to build on their communications strategies and step up to lead important new conversations, with the understanding that the public is actively listening in a new way.



Wendy Lund, CEO, GCI Health, 2020
Rob Jekielek, Managing Director, Harris Poll
Laura Randa, VP Market Access, HEOR and Public Policy, Mycovia Pharmaceuticals, 2013, 2018


12:00pm EDT

Diversity in Clinical Trials

MHP and RPM to democratize access to trials and increase diversity access for clinical trials and care



Tami Klerr, Executive VP and Chief Business Development & Marketing Officer, PRA Health Sciences, 2012
Kent Thoelke, Executive Vice President and Chief Scientific Officer, PRA Health Sciences, 2013
Elizabeth Garner, MD, Chief Medical Officer, ObsEva, 2019
Jessica Scott, MD, JD, Head of R&D Patient Engagement Office, Takeda Pharmaceutical Company, 2020

1:30pm EDT

Aligning Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI)

with a Corporate Mission/Purpose

Need Description



Eric Dube, Ph.D., President and CEO, Retrophin, 2020
Laurie Cooke, President and CEO, Healthcare Businesswomen's Association, 2009, 2017
Robin Shapiro, CEO, TBWA\WorldHealth, 2020


2:00pm EDT

Science and Technology: Allies in Accelerating Research

The value to the life sciences of collaboration between the great scientific minds of pharma and the great engineering minds of the analytics industry, especially as related to the pandemic, and the potential benefits offered by a global clinical neural network that would accelerate COVID-19 therapies, as well as drugs for other diseases.



Suresh Kaata, Founder and CEO, Saama Technologies, 2018
Sagar Anisingaraju, Chief Strategy Officer, Saama Technologies, 2020
Elliot Barnathan, M.D., FACC, FAHA, Senior Director, Cardiovascular Clinical Development, Janssen Research & Development, 2019

Troy Wilson, Kura Oncology

4:00pm EDT

Managing a Remote Workforce:

Case Studies in Maintaining Business Continuity

Did Covid change how you managed those external relationships? And could you point to a case study on how you maintained those relationships with patient groups beyond zoom meetings. In essence was business interrupted and how did you solve the challenge?



Deb Tatton, Senior VP, Clinical Operations, Horizon Therapeutics, 2020
Jeffrey W. Sherman, MD, FACP, Executive VP and Chief Medical Officer,  Saama Technologies, 2020
Debbie Durso-Bumpus, Chief People Officer, Blueprint Medicines, 2020

Erin Horvath, President, Distribution Services, AmerisourceBergen Corp., 2020

Mary Pittman, President and CEO, Public Health Institute, 2020

5:15pm EDT

Raising the Patient Voice

Including the patient voice during the drug development process is more important than ever. Several industry experts provide their insights on the best ways to ensure the patent perspective is front and center.



Barry Greene, President, Alnylam Pharmaceuticals
Barby Ingle, President, International Pain Foundation
Jack Barrette, CEO, WEGO Health

Roslyn Schneider, M.D., Founder, RozMD Patient Affairs Consulting LLC




September 10, 2020

12:00am-11:59pm EDT


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